Mon to Sat  8am – 11pm  /  Sun 11am – 10.30pm

Coronavirus Response

We have implemented every sensible risk assessment possible, but we are also expecting our guests to behave reasonably and with simple common sense in collaboration with us to keep everyone safe.  Here’s some examples of what we will be doing:

Social Distancing 
This is the antithesis of what we are all about, so this will be a little peculiar to get used to, however, all our staff are trained in how to help maintain this and we ask guests to respect this. There are one way systems to avoid congestion in narrow corridors and tables will be properly spaced and orientated . There will be no congregating at the bars.

All pubs (except The Talbot which already has additional buildings) have brand new state of the art marquees (by which we essentially mean poles and fabric) on their terraces. This will give us more space to adequately social distance whilst comfortably seating everyone and they will be heated in the winter.

Hand Sanitising
We will ask every single person who enters our buildings to sanitise their hands each time they enter. There will be plenty of our gorgeous Bramley sanitiser around.

Contact Tracing
We will have your contact details if you are staying overnight with us but we are also tracking (whilst respecting their data) the lead member of parties who dine with us.

Enhanced Cleaning Throughout
As well as our normal fastidious standards we will be disinfecting all touch surfaces and you will notice our staff busying away with this.

Room Cleaning
There will be enhanced room cleaning such as state of the art fogging with an ecologically safe product. We ask room guests to check out by 10.30 and in not before 4 to give us an extra one and half hours for our deep clean process.

Removal of Touch Items
We have made our room folders digital and have multiple remote controls for TVs so that we can effectively disinfect. Board games, newspapers and magazines  will sadly not be available during this time.

All our staff will be temperature checked daily and will maintain even higher than normal hygiene standards, in particular, constant hand washing and sanitising.  Amongst other measures, disposable gloves may be used to remove plates from tables so that staff cannot act as a vector from one table to another.

Rota Bubbles
Where possible staff work in rota groups and we are minimising staff travel between our sites.

Kitchen staff will work with some PPE, though our front of house will not, apart from some use of gloves.

Children and Dogs(!)
We are asking guests to keep children and dogs close and be responsible for their children.

The list is somewhat  longer and more complex than this but rest assured you will be safe with us.